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QUIPU's Busqueda de Libros Gratuitos

After a lifetime of accumulating a research collection, many scholars are facing the transitional stage from pride of ownership to a concern for book donations. University libraries are running out of space and may only take non-duplicates or offer services for distributing books to charitable organizations. Book sellers can be an option though they, too, are looking at large inventories and may be very selective.

Another option is to give books directly to graduate students and their department libraries or other appropriate research centers. But how can anyone know who has what and who wants what and, then, how to contact each other? Worse yet is the daunting task of creating a book list.
Here, QUIPU is providing the means to simplify and assist in this process.

Lists can be created easily using WorldCat.org; a catalog system used for interlibrary loans with over 2 Billion items. WorldCat provides to anyone who registers at the site a free service to find complete bibliographic records and create lists.

As the owner, begin by naming your list, then choose “Public” access, search for matching records and add them to your list.
When finished, click “SHARE”, add contact information and email an “invitation” to: QUIPU, huarpa@cox.net

The list will be posted here so that others can view it and contact the owner.

QUIPU's book list example
Example for demonstration purposes only. If you have any questions please contact QUIPU.
Contact: huarpa@cox.net .
View list at WorldCat.org: sample list

FYI: USPS "Media Mail" rates should be consulted (about $15 to ship 20 lbs between San Diego, CA and Orona, ME).
Last Updated: March 15, 2022 Contact: Dr. Patricia Knobloch, huarpa@cox.net